Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is often recommended as a weight loss supplement. CLA can be naturally found in the fat in dairy products, as well as in meat such as beef. While several tests that were conducted showed the potential of CLA when it comes to assisting in weight loss, the keyword you need to remember here is “assisting”. Taking CLA alone does not guarantee a significant drop in your weight. Making other changes to your lifestyle should help facilitate the process quicker when in conjunction with CLA supplements.

CLA Safflower Oil is the most effective and common CLA that is used in CLA supplements to help boost weight loss as part of a CLA diet program.

The Proper Way to Take CLA for Weight LossChanges such as doing regular exercise and eating healthy will obviously result in a drop of weight. Adding CLA supplements into the mix should significantly reduce the time period for results to become visible. However, it is vital that you first consult with a health professional before taking CLA supplements as this compound might react differently to different people.  There is also the issue of CLA not being thoroughly researched yet.

Does CLA Have Weight Loss Benefits?

There are a handful of tests conducted concerning the full effects of CLA on the human body. Some of the tests have shown quite positive results. One example is a test done in 2012 which showed a decrease in body fat for volunteers who took CLA supplements regularly for 12 weeks. Another study that was done as early as 2007 showed that CLA had a much better effect on women. However, some of the women only experienced a significant fat loss on their legs. Please note that these tests also ordered volunteers to perform basic workout routines every day.

CLA has shown to be a good choice for combating obesity though. Another study conducted in 2007 showed that taking CLA supplements for at least 6 months can help the body regulate body fat easier. With proper diet and exercise, individuals were able to easily control their weight gain and maintain it at a healthy level.

The Proper Way to Take CLA for Weight LossThe main issue bugging the truth about CLA benefits is the fact that results from various tests have been so far inconclusive. While some tests showed promise, others simply fell flat and showed no significant changes. Even with the tests that showed a drop in body fat pointed out that it wasn’t anything significant at all and was barely noticeable. Up to now, medical researchers are still debating about the effectiveness of CLA when it comes to weight loss. While it does show potential in this area, we have yet to fully optimize its capabilities in order to be considered a worthwhile weight loss supplement.

Does CLA Have Any Side Effects?

CLA, derived from safflowers, is the most effective form of CLA for weight loss benefits and because it is naturally derived, the side effects are very few. We always recommended discussing with your healthcare professional when making changes to your diet or introducing a new health supplement, but the weight loss benefits of CLA are so good that this is one supplement that is well worth trying. It is always beneficial to check out CLA Safflower Oil reviews for products to help see how other consumers have found certain products. There are many review sites around to help educate you regarding quality CLA supplements for optimal weight loss and health benefit.

Our Final Say On CLA Safflower Oil

While CLA definitely shows some fat burning and weight loss potential, the overall results obtained from tests widely vary. Some showed positive results, while others did not. It is always a great idea to read CLA Safflower Oil reviews to ascertain which products are worth investing in and which ones are likely to get you the results that you are looking for. Maybe it is due to the fact that researchers are still trying to figure out how to properly utilize CLA, time will only tell. Right now though, if you are using CLA supplements then you better make sure you have made the proper lifestyle changes. A CLA supplement is not a miracle weight loss drug, you will still need to put in some work for it to actually show results.

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