What is Scitec Essentials CLA?

The Scitec Essentials CLA supplement is a popular nutritional supplement designed to help those who are looking to build their bodies and tone up, more specifically lose unwanted pounds. With no extra added unnecessary ingredients and a strong potency of CLA, this is worth looking at in more depth.

Although this didn’t reach the top spot, it did well to reach out Top 10. Our full review will reveal all, read on to discover all there is to know about this product.


Scitec Essentials CLA takes its primary ingredient (conjugated linoleic acid) from Safflower seed oil. Each serving of 2 capsules contains 4000mg Safflower oil which in turn contains about 80% CLA. This is the best dosage amount for CLA to gain its optimum benefits. Each capsule contains 100% pure CLA with no filler ingredients to pad out the contents.


The adult dosage for Scitec Essentials CLA is two capsules two times per day. For best results, take the capsules during meals and with plenty of water. It is also suggested that you integrate daily exercise as well as a balanced and healthy diet. This will ensure that the supplement will be able to deliver the benefits faster.


Scitec Essentials CLA might be one of the most expensive CLA supplements in the market at the moment. One 60 capsule bottle of Scitec Essentials CLA is currently priced at around $20 to $30. The official website does not state any options for those looking for a discounted price tag as there are no monthly supply options offered with this product.

Possible Side Effects

Taking Scitec Essentials CLA has proven to be relatively safe for users with little to no reports of adverse reactions. This does not mean that taking CLA supplements are perfectly safe. You need to be aware of certain health conditions that CLA might exacerbate upon use. For example, diabetes might worsen when CLA are taken. Taking CLA supplements if you have metabolic syndrome might also increase the risk of developing diabetes. CLA is also being looked at for causing bleeding problems which is why it is advised not to take these supplements before and after any type of surgery.

It is also advised that nursing mothers and pregnant women avoid taking CLA supplements as it might affect the development of their child. In order to prevent any health problems, we suggest that you consult with a health professional first before using CLA supplements.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

While the manufacturer is a legitimate seller, we could not find any customer guarantees for this product. This is a disadvantage for some as trying out new supplements should present a sort of safety net for new potential buyers.

The Bottom Line

The Scitec Essentials CLA is a well-known brand and results should also appear quite quickly. Of course, adequate exercise and diet are needed to achieve optimum results. The main disadvantage of this supplement is that it has no guarantees for customers and the lack of supply package options mean you will need to buy each bottle at full price. It also contains 80% potency while other products include 85% CLA potency which is stated as the optimum amount for best results.

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