A member of the family of linoleic acid, CLA or Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a polyunsaturated fatty acid. It is a family of 28 isomers that are chemically combined through cis- and trans- bonds.

CLA is a found to be helpful in weight loss, obesity, atherosclerosis and cancer. CLA is also known to enhance immune system response and reduce fat deposition in the body.

CLA and Body Health

Researchers have found an inverse relation between CLA and cancer. A diet that is a rich source of CLA can actually provide protection against rectal and colon cancer. This is especially true in the case of women, where CLA enhances the immune response and reduces inflammation in the body. It also stops the metastatic spread of tumor cells.

Is CLA Really Beneficial For Your Health?CLA has also shown defensive mechanism against breast cancer. Daily intake of CLA supplementation can greatly reduce the chances of breast cancer, especially for women who are undergoing menopausal changes.

The health benedictions of CLA are numerous. Along with providing protection against cancer, it also provides cover against type 2 diabetes. During scientific research, a group of mice with type 2 diabetes were given CLA supplementation. The results revealed a considerable reduction in blood glucose levels. Scientists are hopeful that CLA will also be helpful in reducing human blood glucose levels and have positive effects on the production of insulin.

Losing fat is the greatest problem for obese people. Same is true for people who wish to gain muscles but do not want to lose weight. CLA can provide a big help to both groups. It plays a vital role in fat loss. It extirpates fat by increasing metabolic activity, thus helping in building up muscle mass without affecting the actual body weight. By taking CLA supplementation on a daily basis, for a month, you can eliminate approximately one pound of fat from your body.

Does CLA Have Any Side Effects?

Is CLA Really Beneficial For Your Health?The benefits of CLA seem to be innumerable but the question arises if such a miraculous drug has any side effects. Like any other supplements and medication, CLA supplementation should not be taken without consulting a certified health practitioner. It enhances the metabolic activity by increasing the measure of cellular oxidation. An increase in the process of oxidation means that the body requires more oxygen. No harsh side effects of CLA supplements are known. Although it may cause minor instances of stomach upset. You may feel slight nausea, fatigue and diarrhea while using the supplements.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not take the medicine by themselves. Consult your gynecologist, weigh up all the pros and cons and only then can you fully decided if it is for you or not.

Natural Provenance of CLA

Natural dietary sources are always better and preferable over artificial products. The meat of grass eating animals has the greatest content of CLA. Kangaroo is said to have the maximum amount of CLA. Dietary products derived from ruminant animals are also rich sources of CLA. Additionally, CLA can also be derived from eggs and mushrooms.

Apart from the above-mentioned sources, CLA can also be taken in the form of dietary supplements. Look for a good quality supplement for optimal benefit.

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