What is Twinlab CLA Fuel?

Twinlab CLA Fuel is a weight loss supplement that assists in burning fat while also maintaining the body’s muscle mass by promoting the development of leaner muscles through exercise. Other health benefits include its ability to help boost one’s stamina and strengthening the immune system.


Twinlab CLA Fuel contains one single ingredient and that is the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Each capsule contains concentrated CLA taken from safflower oil (770mg). Other ingredients in this supplement are from the capsule shell. The capsule is made from gelatin, glycerin, carob extract and purified water.


The adult dosage for Twinlab CLA Fuel is one capsule, three times per day. Take one in the morning, noon and evening, preferably during meals and drink plenty of water as well. For best results, you should incorporate a low-fat diet and exercise program into the routine. Results can appear as soon as a month after you start taking the supplement, as long as you follow your workout regimen daily.


Twinlab CLA Fuel is one of the more well-known CLA supplements on the market today. One bottle consists of 120 softgels and it is priced at around $38.12. They currently do not offer any discounted options for those looking to purchase in bulk.

Possible Side Effects

While Twinlab CLA Fuel has been regarded as one of the safer CLA supplements on the market available today, it should be noted that CLA itself is known to cause side effects. It is best to follow the instructions given to you by your doctor or as instructed on the label of the product. Exceeding the proper daily dosage levels could lead to a feeling of fatigue and stomachache. A more serious side effect would be diarrhea, so make sure that you stop taking the supplement if you start to feel any of these side effects. Other health concerns regarding CLA supplements are for those who have pre-existing health conditions such as diabetes or heart problems. It is highly advised that those with high blood sugar/diabetes and heart conditions avoid the use of CLA supplements as it can cause negative effects on their current condition. Pregnant and nursing women should also avoid the use of CLA for the time being. Remember that it is best to consult with your doctor first before trying out any CLA supplement, or any supplement for that matter.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The official website does offer a return and refund policy but it will be based on the reason and condition of the product. You should contact their customer support line if you wish to know more about this matter.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the Twinlab CLA Fuel is definitely one of the best CLA supplements in the market today. It’s highly effective when it comes to weight loss and its ability to assist in developing leaner and toned muscles is without question. Remember that you should also follow a daily exercise regimen for best results. There are not many drawbacks except for the fact that there are no options for discounted monthly supply package orders.

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