What is Paradigm Pure Health High Absorption CLA?

Paradigm Pure Health High Absorption CLA formula is a food supplement that contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid as the main ingredient. It is marketed as a weight loss supplement that specifically targets belly fat while boosting metabolism and increasing muscle mass. The formula is available in softgel capsules.


The Paradigm Pure Health High Absorption CLA supplement contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid at an 80% concentration, which is derived from safflower seed oil. The formula also contains Vitamin E, which has antioxidant properties as well as a range of other uses in the body.

Other shell ingredients include vegetable glycerin, gelatin, water, and natural color caramel.


This product is a dietary supplement so it is recommended to be taken with meals. The dosage is one to two softgels with breakfast and dinner, which comes to a maximum of four softgels a day.

As stated previously, CLA, among other properties, enhances lean muscle growth, but best results are attained when you work out. Taking this supplement alone without any exercise will not yield the expected results.

The best results are usually observed when a strength training regimen is followed whilst taking the supplement.


The manufacturer directs you to Amazon to purchase this product. This supplement sells there for $22.98 for a one-time purchase. A 5% discount is offered if you purchase five or more bottles.

Each bottle contains 120 softgel capsules, which is just enough for a month’s supply at four softgels per day. You need to part with more than $260 for a year’s supply of supplement.

Possible Side Effects

CLA is safe for a wide range of groups if consumed in amounts as those found in food. However, it is worth noting that the CLA that is naturally present in foods is not the same as that typically used in supplements. The latter type is obtained by synthetically altering linoleic acid in vegetable oils or animal meat and dairy. Most side effects caused by CLA are less serious and include diarrhea, nausea, and stomach pain.

That said, CLA is not recommended for expectant women, breastfeeding mothers, children, and people with chronic illnesses that require regular medication.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

There is no guarantee available for this product. While this product seems like a promising offering, the lack of assurances from the manufacturer deals a big blow in terms of convincing undecided buyers.

The Bottom Line

The Paradigm Pure Health High Absorption CLA formula comes in shiny packaging and is backed by a lot of claims. Of course, the product takes full advantage of the goodness of CLA to try to convince potential buyers. It seems to contain the necessary ingredients to work, however, it is let down by a lack of a guarantee from the manufacturer. This may mean they were not confident enough about their product to stand by it.

Due to the fact that the claims by the manufacturer are weak and the fact that the manufacturer does not offer any guarantees, we do not think there is any significant benefit you would get with this product compared to other CLA supplements. It is worthwhile looking at other CLA products on the market that do come backed by some sort of guarantee.

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