What is CLA Forte?

Natural Bioscience CLA Forte is a weight loss supplement that also helps in developing leaner muscles. It can also help strengthen and increase one’s stamina as long as proper exercise is incorporated into the regimen. This is an all natural supplement with no artificial ingredients included so the risks of side effects are at a minimum.


Natural Bioscience CLA Forte utilizes CLA extracted from Safflower oil. Each capsule contains about 78 – 84% CLA at 2340mg – 2520mg. It does not use any kind of filler ingredients to pad out its content so you are guaranteed that you will be taking a pure and all natural CLA. Other ingredients are from the softgel capsule; it is made from gelatin, vegetable glycerin, and natural caramel color.


CLA Forte has 84% standardized CLA content so it is best that you follow the recommended dosage written on the box or as instructed by a health professional. The adult dosage for this supplement is for two capsules, once per day. You can take the capsules at the same time or divided throughout the day. You can take one capsule during breakfast and another at dinner. Remember to drink plenty of water as well.


Each 120 bottle of CLA Forte costs about $29.60. This is enough for a month’s supply, even more depending on your daily intake. The product does not come with any special discount for bulk purchase though so you’ll need to pay the full price for each bottle that you are planning to purchase. That being said, the price tag is fairly affordable considering the quantity of the capsules in one bottle.

Possible Side Effects

While CLA Forte has proven to be quite safe, the fact that each capsule contains the optimum amount of CLA is something to be aware of. CLA can cause side effects if the intake exceeds the recommended dosage. Common side effects are mild but it is best to avoid them anyway.  Known side effects include an upset stomach, fatigue, and diarrhea. Other health concerns when taking CLA should also be noted. People with diabetes or heart conditions should avoid taking these types of supplements as it can exacerbate the condition. Pregnant and nursing women should also avoid taking CLA supplements for the time being. It is extremely important that a thorough doctor consultation is first conducted before trying out any new form of supplements to avoid problems in the future.

The Bottom Line

The CLA Forte is a highly reliable weight loss and muscle tone supplement. With proper exercise, a healthy diet and with CLA Forte included, you can achieve the body you want in a short amount of time. Each bottle is also quite affordable even without a discounted price for bulk purchase. As long as you follow the proper dosage you shouldn’t need to worry about side effects occurring. The lack of a customer guarantee kind of drags the score down a bit but the overall quality of the product pulls it through.

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