What is Muscletech Platinum Pure CLA 95?

CLA is popularly used for weight loss and its ability to help the body develop leaner muscles. This is what makes it an essential bodybuilding supplement. It helps increase metabolism to burn fat and uses it as energy while also helping the body regulate its blood pressure back to normal. Muscletech Platinum Pure CLA 95 uses CLA taken from Safflower extract which makes this an all-natural bodybuilding supplement and reduces the risk of side effects greatly.


Muscletech Platinum Pure CLA 95 uses one active ingredient which is the Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) at 1425mg FFA 95%, making this one of the most powerful CLA-based supplements. That amount is currently being viewed by medical experts as the perfect level when using CLA as it will deliver faster results without increasing the risk of side effects. The fact that it is taken from natural Safflower also helps avoid side effects.


The adult dosage for this bodybuilding supplement is one softgel capsule four times per day, preferably during meals. It is important to read the label of the product before taking this supplement. Drink an 8-ounce glass of water as well to help improve the capsule’s absorption into the body.


A bottle of Muscletech Platinum Pure CLA 95 contains 90 softgel capsules. The manufacturer’s website directs you to a list of suppliers where you can purchase this product.  We found it available for $34.99. After checking the product, we did not find any special discounts regarding any bulk buying of this supplement which means you will need to pay full price for each bottle you purchase.

Possible Side Effects

Muscletech Platinum Pure CLA 95 seems to be one of the safest CLA-based supplement available to the public today. Its use of Safflower extract nearly eliminates the risk of side effects completely. However, it is still best to take the proper precautions before using this supplement. Allergic reactions are one primary concern that should be looked into before taking the supplement. It is also important that you follow the instruction to the letter and avoid exceeding the recommended dosage as it might cause the following side effects: headaches, vomiting, nausea, stomachache, and fatigue.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Muscletech Platinum Pure CLA 95 does not come with any money-back or customer guarantee.

The Bottom Line

Unlike other products, Muscletech Platinum Pure CLA 95 features a standardized 95% potency which is slightly above the recommended amount for CLA supplements. Other products offer lower potencies which also decrease their effectiveness significantly. The lack of customer guarantee is rather worrying, especially for new customers, but this product does have a pretty good reputation with customers. There is also the issue of an increased risk of side effects due to the high potency contained within each capsule and the number of capsules required each day is higher than other supplements.

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