What is Metagenics Ultra CLA?

Metagenics Ultra CLA is a supplement designed to help individuals lose weight while also helping develop muscles in conjunction with exercise. This product uses extracts taken from rosemary leaf as its main ingredient and source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).


Ultra CLA uses rosemary leaf extract as its main source of CLA. Each capsule contains about 1000mg of CLA derived from standardized rosemary extract, 7.5% sum of carnosol + carnosic acid. CLA is the main ingredient of this product and features no filler ingredients to pad it without actually adding to the quality. You are guaranteed to get 100% pure CLA in each capsule. It is also gluten free.


The recommended adult dosage for this supplement is two capsules, three times per day. This could change if your health professional advises you otherwise. It is best to take the capsules alongside a meal and with plenty of water to help facilitate the absorption into your body. Remember to follow the instructions on the label and not to exceed the dosage levels.


Metagenics Ultra CLA is available for $41.95 per 60-capsule bottles. We could not find any option for a bulk purchase with a discount, so you’ll need to purchase each bottle at full price. This could be an issue seeing as it is slightly more expensive than other CLA products on the market.

Possible Side Effects

Metagenics Ultra CLA is proven to be safe and effective, but proper precaution is important to keep in mind when using this supplement for weight loss and muscle toning. It is important that you stay within the suggested dosage and avoid exceeding this limit. Exceeding dosage levels can cause several mild side effects to occur such as stomachaches. You may also experience nausea and fatigue as well as diarrhea. CLA can also cause problems for people who already have pre-existing health conditions. CLA can exacerbate diabetes at it can cause blood sugar levels to increase. It is also important that those with pre-existing heart conditions avoid CLA supplements. It is also not advisable for pregnant and nursing women to use any CLA-based supplements. We highly recommend that you check in with your doctor before trying out any new form of supplement no matter how safe it is said to be.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

Based on their official website information, customers can return the Metagenics Ultra CLA supplement if it did not meet their desired effects as long as it is within the 30-day limit from the date of receipt. Keep in mind that the policy states that the product should still be in resalable condition in order for this clause to be accepted.

The Bottom Line

The Metagenic Ultra CLA is a high-quality supplement that helps those who have trouble losing weight. It can also be used to help develop leaner muscle tone. While it is slightly more expensive that other supplements on the market, this may reflect on the better quality of this product. An added upside to this is the fact that it comes with a 30-day customer guarantee.

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