What is Eukonic CLA 1250?

Eukonic CLA 1250 is a food supplement that contains Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA). The supplement is intended to aid in weight loss by leveraging CLA’s fat loss properties as well as its action on metabolic processes.

Eukonic CLA 1250 is particularly formulated to fight belly fat. The claim is that it makes your fitness routine more effective and makes you lose weight much faster. The supplement is packaged in softgel form.


Eukonic CLA 1250 comprises of 80% Conjugated Linoleic Acid extracted from safflower seed oil. It also contains gelatin, glycerin, and water. The CLA works by blocking fat storage in cells while boosting metabolism, thus helping the body manage fat and build lean muscle mass.


Eukonic CLA 1250 is a dietary supplement recommended to be taken with meals but this is not mandatory. The suggested daily dosage is 1 to 3 softgel capsules taken three times throughout the day.

That being said, it is unclear whether this supplement can offer optimal weight loss results if not used in conjunction with regular exercise and a properly balanced diet.


You can buy the supplement from the official product website for $21.95. While the checkout page provides a form for entering a discount coupon code, there is no information provided on how and where to get the coupon codes. Shipping costs are computed separately and the product ships worldwide.

There is an option to buy the supplement from Amazon for only $17.05 for a bottle of 180 softgel capsules. This makes Eukonic CLA 1250 one of the cheapest CLA supplements. We were not able to ascertain why there is a price discrepancy between Amazon and the official product website offerings.

Possible Side Effects

If taken in the recommended doses, CLA is largely safe, even for pregnant women. However, since it still has potential to cause adverse reactions, it is better to avoid its use when pregnant. CLA is also not recommended for children below 18; needless to say, keep the supplement away from children.

The most common adverse effects associated with taking higher doses of CLA include nausea, diarrhea, flatulence, and stomach upset.

Do not take this supplement if you are taking prescription medication. Also, the supplement may not be suitable for vegans and vegetarians. While the claim is that the CLA in this supplement is an extract of vegetable oil, known sources of chemically altered linoleic acid (CLA) are animal products.

Manufacturer’s Commitment

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Both opened and closed bottles can be returned for a refund.

The Bottom Line

Overall, Eukonic CLA 1250 supplement seems that it could be a good product. It is backed by a decent guarantee, allowing you to return the product if you are not happy with it. However, 30 days may not be sufficient time to establish if the product actually works for you. The manufacturer also makes big claims but there is little or no backing at all for those claims such as any research or clinical studies. The general lack of detailed product information pushes buyers’ confidence down. We feel that with a little more searching, potential buyers can find much better offerings with more information and backed by research.

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