Losing weight and building muscles is a pain-staking task that requires a lot of hard work and exercise along with proper diet and healthy lifestyle. Even then, it may take some time before your body starts showing any positive signs of weight loss and muscle building. In such a scenario, adding a weight loss supplement may give you an extra edge and provide a helping hand in reaching your goals swiftly and easily.

The recent popularity of CLA as a miracle weight loss supplement has surprised the health industry and general public alike. Many of us are wondering whether the claims about the beneficial effects of CLA for weight loss are actually true or just a dishonest hype that will wane in time.

To know if CLA actually helps in weight loss, we first need to perceive the mechanism of CLA and its interaction with various bodily functions to help lose weight. In this article, we have tried to assemble facts and do away with myths to help you decide if CLA is the right choice for you when choosing a weight loss supplement.

CLA and It’s Mechanism

Can CLA Really Help You Lose Weight?CLA is short for Conjugated linoleic acid, a trans fatty acid that is naturally found in dairy products and meat of ruminants. Linoleic acid is also present in some flowers and oils extracted from vegetables. CLA has been reported to have beneficial effects on people with atherosclerosis, cancer, hair loss and obesity. CLA converts body mass into lean body tissue, and helps burn fat. Therefore, it is usually recommended to people who wish to build muscle mass and tone their bodies as part of their weight loss program. Since muscle is heavier than fat, CLA works by rapidly metabolizing fat while you exercise.

Can You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals With CLA?

The general number one rule for losing weight is to cut down on fats and carbs. This goes hand in hand with regular exercise and weight training to tone up the body muscles as well as, living a healthy lifestyle. As you browse through the internet, hordes of contradictory information may confuse you and sometimes even leave you baffled!

People tend to cut down on meat and dairy items when they are on a diet to lose weight. This happens because of the higher fat content in found in the aforementioned products. Nevertheless, you should know that food products rich in CLA (dairy and meat products) do not necessarily cause weight gain. In fact, including such foods in your diet, in moderate quantity, will in fact, boost your immunity, improve bone health and help in losing weight.

Can CLA Really Help You Lose Weight?An additional benefit of CLA is that it enhances the metabolism of sugar, a positive benefit, because as we all know, too much sugar can make it difficult for you to lose weight.

The recommended required daily intake of CLA is 3.4 grams. You can meet this dietary requirement with food but this will likely expand your waistline and do more harm than good. Therefore, instead of meeting this requirement with food, opt for CLA supplements currently available in the health supplement market. These supplements work best when combined with a well-planned diet program that you follow religiously. Avoid choosing a program that is likely to make you unhappy and result in binge eating.

Bear in mind that losing weight is an arduous process and there is no magic formula that can help you in shedding excess kilos over night. This would require your utmost commitment and well-planned diet program along with CLA supplementation from a reliable brand.

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