Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is a chemical that is categorized as a polyunsaturated, conjugated fatty acid. This chemical is part of a healthy human diet that generally exists in dairy products and meat. Even though CLA comes under the category of trans-fat which are generally linked to a higher rate of heart diseases, CLA is different and considered to provide a range of positive effects on human health

Can CLA Help To Overcome Obesity?CLA is a nutrient that is supposed to form part of a low fat and high muscle mass dietary regime. CLA is linked to many health related benefits such as:

  • Reduction in body fat
  • Gain in muscle mass
  • Positive growth in the body’s metabolic rate
  • Reduction in the body’s cholesterol levels and triglycerides
  • After weight loss, CLA helps in maintaining weight at constant levels

How Does CLA Work?

The principal way CLA works is not actually by helping to reduce fats from the body but by helping in maintaining the current weight and avoiding weight gain. Given the results of research, it is a significantly powerful tool. In short, CLA does not work by reducing the size of a large fat cell, on the contrary, it does not let fat cells increase in size.

It is theorized that conjugated linoleic acid enables glucose to be absorbed into muscle cells more effectually, which in turns stops glucose from transforming into fat. Furthermore, this helps fats in entering the cells of muscular and connective tissues where it can be oxidized for energy.

Any Scientific Evidence For CLA?

Can CLA Help To Overcome Obesity?Even after being promoted as a savior in the fight against obesity, conjugated linoleic acid, CLA still has not proved 100% about whether it is a useful weight loss nutrient or not. Research about the effects of CLA on humans is still uncertain. No study has so far conclusively proven the link between CLA and weight loss in humans as definitively as in animals. While the results of studies conducted on animals show promising results, human trials are more errant in their results.

CLA Side-Effects?

Our health is the most important factor when thinking about the consumption of dietary supplements. There are currently a lot of unanswered questions regarding the long-term effects of CLA supplements on humans. The side effects of the use of such dietary supplements are inadequately reported and documented.

All the negative cases that have been found using CLA Supplements are about the trial on animals. Toxicity and safety levels have not yet been documented so a before and after comparison is not possible.

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