CLA is being used as a weight loss supplement by people who wish to slim down. The daily recommended dose of CLA, for people who wish to achieve their weight loss goals, is 3.4 grams. If taken regularly with proper food and diet plan, CLA can help shed approximately one pound of fat in a month. That said, the supplement should be high quality and derived from an effective source.

People who use CLA as their weight loss supplement often complain that it seems to work fine for the first couple of months. But after two to three months, its fat burning mechanism seems to come to a halt. This is the time when some people start to feel the side effects of CLA supplementation. Under these circumstances, it is recommended to cease use for a week or so and resume again to reach full potential health benefits.

Can CLA Help You Lose Weight?A scientific study revealed that consistent use of Conjugated Linoleic Acid may unbalance the process of insulin production in the body. The human body naturally produces insulin, a hormone that keeps a check on the blood sugar levels in the body. Regular use of CLA might increase the risk of insulin resistance.

This happens as a result of rapid fat loss that occurs due to CLA intake. The excessive fat loss, which occurs without the help of a natural protective hormone called leptin, directly puts pressure on muscles and liver. If the energy derived from the metabolism of fats is not consumed quickly and efficiently, it damages the liver. This can even aggravate your diabetes.

CLA has the ability to cause weight reduction with or without the presence of leptin. However, it was discovered that presence of leptin greatly affected insulin sensitivity. Leptin reduced the risk of diabetes by decreasing insulin resistance.

Scientists are questioning the possibility that people who are taking CLA as their weight loss supplement should also take leptin in order to avoid any side effects that may arise from its regular use.

The research being done on CLA, more specifically human clinical trials, are still in their infancy. This is primarily due to the fact that human placebo studies are much more difficult and comprehensive compared to animal studies. It may take some time before anything concrete comes to light.

Can CLA Help You Lose Weight?Some research has found that CLA holds positive effects on weight loss for women who suffer from type 2 diabetes. It is especially helpful for women who are menopausal and wish to trim their waist line.

The scientists are still unsure regarding the standardized dosage of CLA. It is still unclear and might remain so for quite some time. However, the scientific community is hopeful that CLA may prove to be one solution for multiple medical problems.

CLA has also shown some positive results in patients suffering from heart disease, breast cancer, colorectal cancer and even bone health. It has shown to boost immune response and decrease inflammatory reactions. Our verdict is to keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best. At the same time, consult a certified nutritionist before incorporating CLA into your diet. CLA supplementation works best when combined with a proper diet plan. So eat healthy, exercise and live well – you will soon see the results.

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